Breakthrough Coaching and Consulting: Multipotentialite Bibi Caspari weaves her diverse Bibi 2013.aand extensive knowledge, skills, talents and experience in a synergistic way to meet your specific needs. Because of her varied abilities, she can adapt her coaching and consulting to support you with work that leads to breakthroughs. Her personal path has been a winding road, from: performance artist and educator; to producer, entrepreneur and facilitator; to life coach and consultant. Come along for the ride!

Performing Artist & Educator: Bibi Caspari’s first career was as a mime/dance/movement performance artist. Though working mostly as a soloist, she also performed with her company, Caspari and Company Mime Dance Theater. Additionally, she taught movement, mime and improvisation to children and adults, amateurs and professionals. Along with her studies in the movement arena, she was continually exploring the human growth potential movement. These two areas camOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAe together in her teaching when she realized that people’s resistances kept them from learning. She began coaching her students in moving through their obstacles. As she grew in her knowledge of movement and personal development, these understandings came together in a one-day workshop she called Body Image, which was about the body-mind connection, body language and personal presentation. Eventually burning out as a movement performer, she shifted into acting. Ah yes, from the frying pan to the fire! But then, the Phoenix has always been one of her identities. 

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At California Institute for Women, Corona State Prison

Producer, Entrepreneur & Facilitator: As an actor, Bibi performed in both Canada and the United States, on stage, television and film. Along with acting, Bibi’s talents evolved into production and producing. She formed Kai Zen Productions, a video production company dedicated to producing materials that can inspire positive action. After a while, she tired of the culture of the entertainment industry and decided to explore a potentially more meaningful direction. Coalescing her varied skills and experience, she created a personal development curriculum, producing it through a non-profit organization that she founded. Forward Step was her child, vehicle and passion for 16 years. The mission of Forward Step was to help at-risk people develop essential life skills that could empower them to achieve personal and professional success. Over the years, Forward Step, with Bibi Caspari at its helm, achieved numerous accomplishments.

At Hollywood High School

At Hollywood High School

The signature program, “Compass”, was used in over 56 facilities to help over 5,000 individuals. It was used in a variety of sites with diverse populations including juvenile facilities, high schools, employment development centers, correctional and recovery facilities. Bibi personally facilitated the Compass program in numerous settings. The documentary which she produced about the Compass program at Hollywood High School was screened at the Egyptian Theatre.

With Councilmember (now Mayor) Eric Garcetti and Congressman Adam Schiff

Bibi received the prestigious David Chow Humanitarian Award for her work with Forward Step, due to her dedication in helping at-risk teens and adults move away from dysfunctional behaviors such as substance abuse and violence, and gain more effective coping and success strategies so they could learn to make better choices, have healthier relationships and become more productive citizens.

Performing at TEDxConejo

Performing at TEDxConejo

Her understanding of the pain of those who are at-risk contributed to her TED talk at TEDxConejo in which she spoke of how the fear of being different keeps us from our genius. During her time with Forward Step, Bibi’s work expanded into the business realm. Her workshops for educators and her corporate trainings supported clients to develop their capabilities so that they were more effective in their fields.

Life Coach and Consultant:  Having burnt out once again with the assistance of the lousy economy, Bibi recreated herself another time. After closing Forward Step in April of 2013, she took time to grieve and heal; then thBibi - Dali shoot 9.9.13 Bis Phoenix prepared to take flight with her new found freedom. She has been developing her private practice as a life coach; learning more about the inherent dangers related to environmental toxins such as certain Electromagnetic Fields; developing a workshop for the business world about the value of holistic health in the workplace; and reviving herself as a performing artist, including performing her poetry. Bibi is available for speaking presentations covering a range of topics from her diverse background. No matter what she is doing, her passion to inspire and support people’s personal expression, self-actualization and wellness manifests itself in her endeavors, leading to breakthroughs for her clients.

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